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  What are customer citations and what impact do they have on local SEO? According to Steven C. Wyer, the answer might be surprising.

Steven C. Wyer describes search engine optimization (SEO) as the process by which a webmaster increases traffic flow by strengthening a website’s position in the search results pages. But, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t just about content and keywords, explains Wyer.

Four men carried the mat.  Customer citations — direct mentions of a particular brand online — are a valuable nod to a company, at least as far as search algorithms are concerned, Steven C. Wyer explains. Citations grab the attention of web crawlers and work to improve the organic visibility of community and small businesses websites. Steven C. Wyer reports that consumer participation in online platforms offer a number of great benefits that ultimately help small businesses gain more traction on the web.

Here’s how.

Search engines view citations as a confirmation of a business’s value

According to Steven C. Wyer, major search engines, such as Google and Bing, use ever-changing algorithms to detect the types of messages surrounding a particular brand. When consumers publish content online, whether in the form of reviews or comments, the search engines can latch on to them. The more information available, the more valuable the website is likely to be to like-minded consumers, says Steven C. Wyer.

Citations support on- and offline conversions

Steven C. Wyer reports that nearly 3/4 of all consumers say positive reviews lend to the trustworthiness of a business. 60% question business quality based off negative reviews. This means that consumers tend to engage more with local businesses that have attracted positive attention from their peers, says Steven C. Wyer. Businesses can encourage favorable discussions by striving to continually provide a positive customer experience to their target audience.

Search engines recognize structured information

As a search engine strategist, Steven C. Wyer understands the importance of NAP information, or Name, Address, Phone number. When this data is consistent across all web platforms, it looks better to the search engines and results in a higher ranking. Many companies use phone tracking telephone numbers to monitor conversions from site to site. Steven C. Wyer explains that this is detrimental as conflicting contact information may disrupt a company’s ability to achieve desirable search results.

Customer comments and reviews complement traditional SEO factors

Establishing and maintaining a strong SEO foundation is paramount to a small business’ success, says Steven C. Wyer. Once this foundation is laid, online references add strength and legitimacy to the site.

Encouraging customer citations makes sense in the world of search engine optimization

One small factor in optimizing a website is the use of specific keywords throughout its content, says Steven C. Wyer. Citations work as a cross reference to these keywords and help Google and other search providers recognize a specific words as relevant to a particular business. Steven C. Wyer notes that customer reviews have become extremely impactful in helping a business maintain a visible online presence.

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