dandelion I pulled weeds this past weekend. I haven’t noticed many other neighbors involved with their piece of earth in this way, just me. I don’t believe that those around me have conspired to direct all of the seeds of these unwanted sprouts to my yard. Sometimes it just seems like I need to pull weeds out of my yard.

It is a lot easier to see that my neighbor Joe needs to tend to his yard, I can really see his weeds. I could tell him how to take them out of his yard and all of the benefits he would have if he would do the hard work. Joe hasn’t asked me though.

I thought about hiring someone else to pull my weeds. I would not have gotten dirty and I could have gotten the benefits of weed pulling without the deliberate painful bending over, kneeling, squatting and sweating. There would have been no pain to my weed pulling, just the gratification of looking at a tidy yard. This approach would have cost me money and I would not have appreciated the effort required to have a garden with no weeds, so I just did it myself.

I have been looking at “weeds” in my life as well. I have one particularly ugly weed that has been in my soul’s garden since I was a teenager. No one pointed it out to me, I am the only person that really sees it; Joe certainly hasn’t pointed it out to me. I have been trying to figure out how to get rid of it without all of that sweating and grunting. I think that it will take a lot of work and I am sure I am going to have to use muscles that haven’t been used in a while.

Sometimes weeding requires a little help. Yes, someone that has expertise with the types of weeds that clutter my otherwise lovely garden. I don’t want to go through all of this work and then have the weed come back again like dandelions do. No, I think I will hire a master gardener, or better yet he may help me along for free. He is very committed to weeding men’s gardens. He works on his garden consistently, he believes it is necessary. He won’t let me rationalize the possibility that it may not be a weed but just a somewhat unattractive flower. He calls a weed a weed, my friend does.

I will work on removing my weed. I will be encouraged by my friend, the master gardener, and I will have to grunt and stretch and sweat all the way through. My gardener friend says that it is really the only way to have a garden of contentment. I will work because my strongest desire is to have a contented garden. Then, my family, my friends and yes, even I will be able to sit and enjoy all that my hard work has brought.

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